St Leonard Middleton


SUNDAY SERVICES IN CHURCH 10:30am (unless otherwise stated)


19th May 9.00am BCP Holy Communion / 10.30am All Age Holy Communion

26th May Morning Worship, APCM and God's Squad

2nd June  All Age Service with Baptism

Please join us for refreshments after the 10:30am service



Giving expresses our love for God and responds to God’s generosity to us. It is part of our worship week by week. A plea to those who regularly pay cash into the plate or use envelopeswould you consider changing to Standing Orders? This would streamline our cash handling; I'm sure you all know that banks are making life more difficult (and expensive) when it comes to handling cash. Standing Orders are completely under your control, and could be weekly or monthly - please speak to Moira. Alternatively: there is a digital giving device at the back of church for card/contactless giving. Please use on your way in or out of church. It is simple to use, and a quick cost-effective method for us to collect your offertory giving. We are charged for depositing cash, and our nearest bank branches are now Bury or Rochdale. The offertory plate will continue to be passed in church, but if you are able, please use the digital device instead. You may also give online at:



APCM:  our Annual Parochial Church Meeting is taking place during the service on Sunday 26th May. Church Officials will be elected (election forms are now available at the back of Church); if you want to join the PCC, propose/second a prospective member/Churchwarden or vote at the APCM on various matters which may arise, you must be a member of St Leonard's Electoral Roll. Speak to Moira if you want to join/check if you are a member.


ASCENSION DAY  Novena from Ascension to Pentecost booklet now available at the back of Church: please take one.


CONFIRMATION:  This year, our Confirmation service will take place on Sunday 2nd June at 3.00pm at All Saints, Rhodes. If you are an adult, ot a young person in year 7 or above, who is interested in being confirmed, please speak to Alison, David or one of the ministry team.



If you have any safeguarding concerns please contact our Parish Safeguarding Co-ordinators Ann Connell and Sarah Jennings.



C of E Secondary Schools require ‘points’ to enable your child to attend that school.  Regularly attending our God’s Squad helps to accumulate those points but to make sure sufficient weeks are covered there will be a registration sheet at the entrance of church every 1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday.  Please ensure your child is booked in.



Brentwood (Middleton Day Centre, 115 Long Street M24 6DL, 0161 655 4062).

Brentwood does a lot more than offer food to those in need within our community, but it is an essential and much-needed part of all that they do. They are so grateful for everything we donate to them; please continue to help with: cereals; coffee; tins of corned beef and potatoes;carrots, peas, beans, tuna, tomatoes, soups - anything to make a basic meal. And now that winter is here: clothing, hats, scarves, jumpers, socks, gloves, and blankets, quilts, bedding and toiletries. Also needed: empty plastic carrier bags to pack the above for folk to take away.

We have leaflets and newsletters in church about Brentwood, please take one, or go online: 

Please leave items on the bench as you come into Church (during office hours if you can't make Sunday)


WRIGGLE ROOM: attention all parents with wriggly children! In the baptistery area (left hand corner as you face the back of Church) there is an area for quiet play so that you as a parent can still enjoy the service. This 'room' is available most Sundays.


Archdeacon’s Visitation Service

This annual Service is to be held on 19th June at St Luke’s Church, Heywood commencing at 7.30 pm. Wardens, Deputy Wardens, PCC members and Sides-persons / Welcomers should attend and be formally “sworn-in“ for the role each has agreed to fulfil as stated at the APCM on 26th May.

Please make every effort to join colleagues from The Benefice and Churches across the Rochdale Deanery; a collection will be made during the service.

Alternatively a Visitation Service will also be held at St Chad’s Rochdale Parish Church on 25th June at 7.30 pm if 19th June is not convenient.


500th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS 2024: We now have a sheet with all the dates for this year's events, so you know what is coming up and when. Please take one from the back of Church, and take another to give to friends, neighbours etc.


JONATHAN SCOTT CONCERT  A big thank you to everyone who helped on 4th May and also attended to make this such a brilliant event. It was wonderful to see so many people who had never been in St Leonard's before and to see their reactions to our beautiful building. We had people from all over the place - one couple from York, and a couple from Australia via Birmingham, who were determined to see a Jonathan concert while they were over here. The event raised £1,325. As for Jonathan, he enjoyed playing to a smaller, more intimate audience and playing a Parish Church organ, rather than a big venue where he is at a distance from everyone and playing a massive instrument. Both he and his brother Tom (who was filming the concert) have hinted that they would like to come again. When the donations box at the back of Church was emptied, it contained over £150, much of which would have been from the sale of Church Histories and donations on the day.


WORD FOR THE DAY:  the latest issue (May-July) is now available at the back of Church; please take a copy.


CHURCH OPENING: the Church is now open to visitors (and guides are on hand) on Fridays, 1.00pm to 4.00pm until September.


SAVE THE DATE: Monday 10 June, 7.00pm to 8.30pm

"Next steps, new things" at Rochdale Parish Church (St Chad's), Sparrow Hill, Rochdale OL16 1QT

Rochdale Deanery Hub for children, young people and family leaders. Further details to follow; in the meantime, save the date and contact with any questions and to let her know if you can come






























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